Educates others on how to play League of Legends. Which is probably his only talent, playing the game. Tetsion does enjoy other video games, and believes the interactive medium's potential has yet to be fully realized. Other than video games Tetsion loves berries; particularly the straw kind, drinking Lemonade, As well as a big fascination with female breasts. Unlike Thad, Tetsion has an obscene amount of good-luck, his favorite color is green and he thinks Link from Legend of Zelda rocks. He tends to annoy Thad, but they have a weird duality that keeps them friends. Introverted by nature, tends to not want to talk to people unless it's interesting or involving the interactive medium.


When unsuspecting local “those two guys” SPOODERMIN and KINALI discovered the power of Let’s Plays, they unleashed the mysterious force known as MULTIPLAYER ENABLED! Together, they tackle the wide world of video games; sometimes cooperating, sometimes competing, and always cracking really terrible jokes. SPOODERMIN was your everyday man until one day he was bitten by a radioactive ice cream, besides leaving a terrible stain on his shirt it changed him forever! He has now discarded his feelings for any human to become the ultimate gamer (still sucks at platformers though.) He went to join forces with Kinali in hopes of ruling the Youtube Gaming Scene. When KINALI was young, he sold his soul in exchange for becoming a Pokemon Master. A nice upside is that he can survive on a diet made entirely out of video games and puns. He doesn't have a brother, but if he did, he'd probably describe himself as being 'the Luigi' of the two. Sorry, ladies, he's (somehow) taken!