The head honcho around Name Pending Creations. She's the lead character designer on most projects and oversees just about every aspect of production throughout the team. She's currently serving as the team lead for God Complex.  When she isn't working on God Complex she's making kissy faces with Liz.





She's really petite but can devour an entire pizza by herself, what's up with that? As a Fan of animals, cartoons, and cosplaying Liz tries to embrace as many of these things in her life as possible


Baby Blue


God, he looks stunning even when he's dour, doesnt he? Well, God must have a sense of humor because that was about the only card he threw Anthony's way, with dashing good looks being offset by an overly loud, overly enthusiatic and overly annoying personality, a horrible case of ADHD and the lack of a filter between his brain and his mouth, which as of late has began spouting off overtly cynical world views and just how much he hates everything (its just a phase, we promise.) The few things he does like (drawing, video games, Kush, and puss) he enjoys doing with his friends. In the same room. Watching him. Telling him how great he is. Oh yeah, he writes and draws strips for God Complex as well.


Multidisiplinary Designer, Passionate Artist and Pixel art lover. Capable of creating smart, clean and effective design solutions. Ensureing a stand-out visual expression to engage and connect with others more effectively. My objective is to keep growing creatively as a person, and learn from professionals in design advertisement and illustration. 

Aubrey Kate Phelps

The resident artist and creative director behind The Adventures of The Great Captain Maggie! Aubrey has been drawing for profit and pleasure (somewhat professionally) for seven years and has dreams of living off of her works. Born and raised among creative-types in the anime and geek community Aubrey is heavily influenced by both east and west anime/cartooning styles. She enjoys art, webcomics, video games, cute animals, and sleeping in!


Al Nachman

The writer for The Adventures of the Great Captain Maggie! owing to his superior spelling and wordsmithing skills. Al has enjoyed telling stories for many years, and is working hard to enter the much coveted video game industry. He likes role-playing games (digital and tabletop), video games, and being right about everything



A simple California girl in her mid 20's that loves drawing. She also loves cats, weird earrings, having a lot of pets, her boyfriend, Nintendo, various movies, and emo music. Her comic, Abby Normal, is in fact a reference to Young Frankenstein. If you don't know what that movie is, then you are not allowed to read the comic. Go watch that brilliant movie and then read my comic. Thank you.


Hailing from the distant lands known as Northern California, Rinkelle has been working on various (failed) comics since middle school. Xenobiosis is her second successful comic, the first one having died a miserable death around the time she got booted out of art school for being broke. Influenced by both Western and Eastern art styles, her art takes on a 'dreamy' quality when she leaves her Kindle app long enough to finish a piece. She can be found either drawing, reading, eating, crocheting, or some awkward combination of them all. Her dream is to get married to her current boyfriend, own a white cat, then go to Ireland, Italy, and then into space.

Allen Calmes

A Film Scorer hopeful. Though composing music is his first love, his other passion is making comics like The Wayfare. If you are interested in hearing any of my music, go to: www.soundcloud.com/LATuxedoMusic. If you are interested in reading his comics, however, you're in the right place.


When Spaces was young, she wanted super powers! Now, while she waits for her own personal Iron Man suit to be actualized and affordable, she settles for writing Yestergirls a comics about super-powered badass women saving the world from certain destruction. Aside from that, she enjoys playing video games and snuggling with her animals. She wishes super hard that she could learn piano, Spanish, and game-makey-codey-languages, and knows for certain that she will never juggle or skateboard. Ever.


Draws and writes for The Game. She originally also did the music and coding for the entirety of Level 1, but decided it'd be smarter to let more talented people handle those fields. She likes to pretend she's super awesome at playing the bass and at Flash and HTML coding. She's going to an art college after her first year off of high school.


Music composer for Level 2 of The Game. She plays the bass and sometimes a sick guitar for a fantastic band called Airglow, a band that will be creating the soundtrack for the Epilogue of The Game. She's definitely gonna do big music things after high school. She likes to play video games and enjoys reading over complicated web comics.



Does nerdy coding things for The Game. He works at a lab doing boring science tricks, and hopes to do some kind of engineering when he's an even more boring middle aged man. He's actually quite good at, and well known for, drawing four legged intelligent musclebeasts. He likes reading big books and comics

Justin Guerrero

Been drawing for as long as he can remember, Justin has always loved to tell stories. What he lacks in writing skills, he makes up for it through his art, and eventually through his own comics. He's been drawing comics since 3rd grade and has worked hard to improve them. His old works used to revolve around the many fanbases he's been into. From Joey the Grunt (an AU story from the Halo franchise) to his most well known work: Vinyl The Vampire (a gothic/grimdark story in the MLP: FIM franchise). He now works on Vinyl the Vampire and his newest story: Sanguine. He also practiced many different art styles and is currently favoring the Manga art style which he used for many of his comics.

Faith Osteen

Writes and draws, and sometimes puts the two together, She's a huge fan of anime, reading and swimming. Currently writing the webcomic "Cursed" and sometimes draws for it as well :D


(n.) comic maker and illustrator. her comic is 'and then i took a nap'; it's about adventures in space and the possibility of a nap. she loves sweets, plants, and adventuring and is always a little bit sleepy